Monday, September 04, 2006

To the Seaside

Helloo buddies,

As you can see I had a fab time at the festival and behaved reasonably well enough to be rewarded with a trip to the seaside in a couple of weeks :o)

I will be looked after by my good friend Welshwitch and she will be ensuring I don't get into any mischief ;o)

Just a thought but I was thinking of doing a series called 'Malcolm Dares'. You dare me to do something and my friend will capture the moment...leave a dare in the comments section as I have had to turn my email off after being offered viagra - I felt so small :o(

That's it for now.



Reading Festival

Yay, well here I am at the world famous Reading Festival :o)

I am sooo looking forward to the Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and lots of beer. It's been a while so sorry if you've missed me but I have been incarcerated in The Priory. This is a well known celebrity rehab centre and is popular with celebrities, Pete Docherty of Babyshambles fame was in with me.

Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed so no pics of my new buddy :o(

Still, I am determined to enjoy my new found freedom :oD

An hour into the day and lookie, I'm on water...doing well so far :o)

Ooops, the temptation of the evil Lord Carling was too much and I soon slipped into my old ways, still it's only the one ;o)

Things are looking a bit blurred to me but honestly I've only had 4!!

Wow, what a lot of people there are here...let's hope there's no paparazzi ;o)

After the excesses of the day, I thought this may be an option ;o)

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Hey friends!!

Sorry I haven't been around for a while but I'm still recovering from the injury that happened in Cardiff :o( I am planning to go with my 'minder' to London on Friday, so I may have a few more adventures :o)

That's it for now as I need to go to sleepy byes.



Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Cardiff Caper

Woo hoo, now I'm a little mouse in another big city :0)

Caerdydd is welsh for Cardiff - it means 'Fort on the Taff'

Wow, this blog is educational too ;-)

A very warm way to travel...all snug in a coat pocket.

On arriving in Cardiff, I though it best to 'phone home before I get too trolleyed in the pub :0)

Ooooohh....don't I look scary ;-)

My regular visitors/friends will know how much I love cocktails...tonight was no exception :0)

Mmmmm, limes are so delicious...this one was a little large for me though ;-)

Is it getting warm in here or is it me?

I had to receive emergency first aid after getting too intimate with a naked flame :-(

Cool, a welsh pool table, lets hope I can play after my injury but for now I'll just have a little lie down :0)

I've found a cool new way to get around, saves my little legs getting so tired when I'm a little puddled.

Oooh oooh, my go, my go....I wanna play pool too :o)

Yay, an after the pub snack - why does this sausage taste a little odd?

Just a little update after my accident - I will need to undergo some surgery to restore my this space to see if it works out. It was a really good night out though all in all :0)

Party on, children.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Coming Soon...

Thanks for all the emails about my trip to London, I had a really cool time. Being a smallish kinda fella it always amazes me how big London is. Still there were no real problems to report and my collar wasn't felt by the 'boys in blue'...this time. Anyway, I'm off to Cardiff in a couple of weeks so watch this space as I continue my crazee little adventures in the best country ( okay, technically it's a principality) in the world...Party on children :-)



Saturday, January 28, 2006

A London Trip

I'm just hanging around :-)

weeee, I like bannister sliding :0)

Another Budvar please...

Keeping up with the news, whilst enjoying a drink...

I have my own little plate and cup now....what great friends I have :-)

Lookee - rice on my new little plate, cool or what?

Go Tiger!

They've made me look a little silly :-(

I must learn to eat and drink nicely when in restaurants ;-)

Wish my plate was as big as that one :-)

Too much wine and beer methinks :-)

Sleep time - should really have waited until I got back to the hotel though ;-)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Hey - How you doing? Sorry I've not been about much recently but I've been 'grounded' due to my last outing before Christmas :-( I will be out and about next week in London as I have finally made up for my indiscretions, so watch this space for more of my crazee antics - wooo hooo - PARTY ON!!



Sunday, December 18, 2005

A few drinks at Christmas....

A nice beer to start the evening off :-)

Pink, loopy juice :o)

Look at me, trying to get to the bottom.

Ohhh, an empty bottle :-(